Last of the warm days

It's fast getting cold here ... winter is on it's way .. making the most of what we have let at the beach with a friend's horse that we love so much.

Mountain hiking

It's winter , the days are shorter (much much shorter) , but we are trying to make the most of what we have ... lately that has involved a fair bit of bush and mountain hiking.

Springtime babies

With the coming of spring brings new babies around here.

Springtime pond exploring

We are slowly coming out of natures sleepy wintertime...and with the awakening comes many life forms not seen for many months .. the pond down the back of our property and all it's insects holds much fascination for our kids right now.

The tree

The simple pleasures of a tree and a couple of Tyre swings......

Backyard fun

It's the simple objects , I have found, that amuse my kids for the longest ...and I love that it is this way for them.... this months childhood unplugged blog post .... back yard fun

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An anatomy lesson

Part of having livestock on our property also means managing numbers and one too many roosters in a flock can disrupt a whole lot .. resulting a disharmony within the birds and less eggs for us. Culling is an unpleasant but necessary part of making it all work. For our children it is also a lesson in the hard parts of 'farming' as well as learning first hand where our food comes from , and a quick anatomy lesson also.

Source: ananatomylesson

A walk in the trees

Cooler days means a shift from the rivers and beaches that we have been frequenting for the last few months... so this day we went walking in the trees down the road.


Last of the River days

With the end of summer now here... we say good by to our river days... and have one last (very cold) evening swim.

Cooling down in the rivers

With th summer heat we are experiencing here at the moment, the rivers are the best place to spend the mornings and evenings. We grab towels ,whatever food is in the cupboard , and the dog and jump in the car ... sometimes it is a favorite spot down the river and sometimes we cruise up the road to find a new piece of the river... this was one of those times.. it was a new patch , with new kind of sand and new depth and flow of water. But the same amount of fun and just as refreshing..